Palm Oil Activites

QL has expanded its capabilities in palm oil from milling to estate ownership and management. Further expansion along the value chain has been achieved with the commercialisation of zero-waste renewable energy projects. QL has two independent Crude Palm Oil (CPO) mills servicing small and medium sized estates in the Tawau and Kunak regions of Sabah, East Malaysia. QL’s first CPO mill in Indonesia is in Eastern Kalimantan and was commissioned in April 2012. QL owns a 1,200 hectare palm oil estate in Sabah, as well as a 20,000 hectare plantation (currently under development) in Eastern Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Plantation – Upstream

  • 1,200 HA mature plantation in Sabah
  • 20,000 HA plantation under development in Eastern Kalimantan. Planted 10,000 HA to-date of which 5,000 HA are mature

CPO Milling – Mid Stream

  • Two crude palm oil mills in Tawau, Sabah. Capacity of 600,000 MT per year
  • One crude palm oil mill in Eastern Kalimantan. Capacity 500,000 MT per year

Palm Biomass – Downstream

  • Palm Biogas
  • Palm pelletisation
  • Palm biomass boiler technology
  • Clean energy conversion technologies and services