Integrated Livestock Farming

Organic growth and a series of strategic acquisitions has driven QL’s rise to become one of Malaysia’s leading operators in animal feed raw materials and poultry farming. QL is among Malaysia’s leading poultry egg producers with a production rate of approximately 3.2 million eggs per day. Approximately 20 million Day Old Chicks (DOC) are processed annually in East Malaysia and another 20 million are processed in Indonesia. Over 600,000 metric tonnes of animal feed raw materials are traded by QL each year.


  • 3.2 million eggs per day in Malaysia. Leading producer in Malaysia
  • 750k eggs per day in Indonesia
  • 550k eggs per day in Vietnam

Broiler & Day Old Chicks (DOC)

  • 20 million DOC per year in East Malaysia
  • 20 million DOC per year in Indonesia
  • 7 million broiler per year in East Malaysia

Animal Feed Raw Material Trade

  • 600,000 metric tonnes (MT) of feed raw materials (corn & soyabean meal)