About Us

QL Resources is led by Dr Chia Song Kun, whose unshakable belief in creating and sharing value has propelled the company from local feedstuff trader to multinational agro-food corporation. QL is now among Asia’s largest egg producers and surimi manufacturers and is building a presence in the sustainable palm oil sector with activities including milling, plantations and biomass clean energy.

QL was founded in 1987, but its roots stretch back to the late 1970s. In those early years Dr Chia and his brothers harvested the calcium-infused shells of dead molluscs from a remote shore line near their home village, which they supplied to local feed millers. The hard-fought success of this modest business allowed them to expand their product range and open new branches across Malaysia.

After establishing a core business in feedstuff trading the company grew through adjacency expansion, which led to diversification into food for human consumption. QL now operates in three distinct sectors: Integrated Livestock Farming, which includes poultry farming, feedstuff trading and consumer brands; Marine Products Manufacturing, which includes surimi and fishmeal processing and consumer brands; and Palm Oil Activities, which includes milling, plantations and biomass clean energy.

QL’s replication strategy involves the deployment of technology, capital and management expertise into populous emerging markets. Despite new market challenges and geopolitical risks, regional expansion in adjacent ASEAN markets is fuelling QL’s medium and long-term growth.

Dr Chia and his team pursue a strategy of strengthening and additional integration of QL’s value chain. This provides the company with more opportunities to add value, multiplies its ability to generate profit, increases efficiency, mitigates the business cycle risk that often affects singular parts of a value chain, and ultimately ensures consistent quality in the final product. Greater competitive advantages are held over businesses in any one segment of the chain as a result.

Today QL has a coherent, complementary set of businesses with a combined objective: to add value to our broad, resource-based Group.

  • Marine Products Manufacturing Activities

    • We are the largest producer of surimi in Asia as well as the largest fishmeal and surimi-based products manufacturer in Malaysia.
  • Palm Oil Activities

    • We are the leading independent crude palm oil miller in Sabah, Malaysia.
    • Own and manage a 1,200 HA mature palm oil estate, also in Sabah.
    • In Eastern Kalimantan, Indonesia, we own and manage a 20,000 HA oil palm plantation, of which 5,000 HA are mature.
  • Integrated Livestock Farming Activities

    • We are one of Malaysia’s leading distributors of animal feed raw materials.
    • We are also one of Malaysia’s leading poultry egg producers, with a production rate of approximately 3.2 million eggs per day.
    • We are a leading integrated broiler producer in East Malaysia

QL operates in and supplies to Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and China, but its market penetration is transcontinental. The company’s fisheries sector supplies fishmeal, surimi and frozen food to countries including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Spain, Portugal and North America. The livestock sector supplies eggs to neighbouring ASEAN countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei and further afield to Hong Kong. QL is also a pioneer in clean energy palm biomass fuel and has a global market for its solutions.